A move to reduce antisocial behaviour

Taylar AmoniniNorth West Telegraph

Hopes for a reduction in antisocial behaviour have been renewed with council approving a relocation of the South Hedland taxi rank.

At the Town of Port Hedland council meeting last Wednesday, councillors agreed to relocate the rank to Wise Terrace, south of McLarty Boulevard, for a three-month trial period.

The relocation is set to cost the Town $20,947 through the installation of CCTV at the new location as well as the cost of implementing access requirements.

The decision came after a heated discussion and the rejection of the idea to eradicate the taxi rank at the March council meeting.

Mayor Camilo Blanco said the South Hedland Square Park and the entrance to Coles where the taxi rank was located, was identified as the key area of antisocial behaviour.

“The three-month trial is a great opportunity to test this out, so we can find out if this relocation, and its position, is a feasible long-term move for everyone involved,” he said.

“While this will not completely solve the issue, it is an important step towards ensuring the safety of community members and shopkeepers in the area.”

Local police said the taxi rank was a point of difficulty for them as it did not allow for the issue of the necessary move-on notices due to disorderly individuals stating they are waiting for taxis.

The new location was agreed upon by relevant stakeholders as the most feasible place due to its proximity to the shopping centre, and its ability to meet key characteristics of industry standards including minimum length, shade for cars, lighting and cameras.

To determine whether the trial will be successful at the end of the three months a number of key performance indicators will be monitored, including the number of move-on notices issued during the trial time, the perception of safety among the general public and the change in antisocial behaviour and violence in the town centre.

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