Boulders form a barrier against hoons

Daneka HillNorth West Telegraph
Greene Street residents Lauren Lane, Patrick Byrne, 15 months, and Declan Lane, 6.
Camera IconGreene Street residents Lauren Lane, Patrick Byrne, 15 months, and Declan Lane, 6. Credit: North West Telegraph

Residents of South Hedland’s Greene Place have welcomed the construction of a rock boulder barrier to stop motorbikes and cars hooning through vacant land beside their homes.

Built from nearly 100 boulders, the barricade was put in place by the Town of Port Hedland after sustained reports of vehicles creating noise and kicking up dust, disturbing residents and impacting on drainage in the area.

The barrier, which cost $20,000, now blocks quad bikes and cars from cutting between the nearby North Circular Highway and open scrubland into Greene Place.

Home owner Zarko Velkoski has lived on the street for 15 years and said addressing the issue was well overdue, as dust brought up by people using the land as a thoroughfare often blew straight into his home.

“It is bad enough with the wind, then we have clowns doing that,” he said.

Resident Lisa Rogerson was impressed by the new additions to her street, both practically and aesthetically.

“It actually has framed the street — and it’s lovely what they have chosen with their decision,” she said. “It is good because a motorbike now has to slow down to get through it.”

Lauren Lane lives facing the vacant land with her young children and supports the barrier.

“For us, if nothing else, if it can keep the dust down it’ll be amazing,” she said.

The use of rocks rather than bollards was decided after the Town deemed rocks less susceptible to damage.

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