Clean-up credit due

North West Telegraph

I have just returned to Port Hedland for a long weekend having lived in the area for more than 22 years.

It has been four years since my family departed our premises in South Hedland, and I’m writing to congratulate the people who are responsible for the clean-up that has taken place over the past six months or so.

I have returned for work regularly over the past four-year period and have been absolutely shocked by what I have seen in regards to the amount of rubbish and camps that had sprung up very close to the fringe of town.

In the short time I was in town over the weekend, I noticed the greenery that has been grown and maintained between the shopping centre and the Hunt Street area, which looks fabulous.

I have lived in Perth for the past four years and have no hesitation in saying that the Port Hedland/South Hedland townships are in a cleaner condition than what you see on the main roads in Perth.

So congratulations Hedland and those responsible for this major improvement.

It is always hard to get people to step up and take responsibility when so many have tried previously but this change has been achieved — well done.

Warren Johncock, Lesmurdie

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