Live mullet best bet for barramundi

Robert DoughertyNorth West Telegraph

Ethan Thompson, 4, caught his first barramundi over the March 11 weekend and was happily assisted for a photo by Luke Thompson, who took more than 20 years to catch his first.

GT Diving owner operator Wally Galli said fishers could use soft plastics or live baits to pull in a barramundi but the fish were always a challenge.

“What I’ve learnt is the best technique is using live mullet which swim well — barra are very responsive to them,” he said.

“They like warmer water and you can also locate the barra then use soft plastics to lure them in.

“They’re a little bit tricky.

“They are quite a prized fish which challenge your skill level and have less room for error.

“Something the man on the street may not know is that you are not allowed to spear them in the ocean, as they are schooling to breed, spawning.”

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