Town rejects idea to move caravan park

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In a unique idea for the vacant land on the Spoilbank, a Port Hedland local asked whether council would consider relocating the tourist caravan park adjacent to the Port Hedland racecourse to the area.

Roger Higgins, who is a recreational vehicle traveller, believes the town has a “perfect opportunity” to increase tourism.

In the official response at this month’s council meeting, however, the Town rejected Mr Higgins suggestion.

The acting director of development, sustainability and lifestyle advised that the town was not willing to fund the development involved in developing the Spoilbank site.

“Preparing a site at the Spoilbank suitable for use as a tourist caravan park would involve significant cost for the provision of access roads, site preparation, holding tank disposal, that the Town is not willing to fund at this stage pending the outcome of planning for the proposed waterfront and Marina development,” the response read.

However, a sliver of hope was left as the Town said it would consider the case for development of a caravan park in more detail once there is greater clarity about site access and services to be provided as part of the proposed development.

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