Council clash over debtwrite-offs

Taylar AmoniniNorth West Telegraph

Councillors clashed at last week’s council meeting, debating how much money the town was really losing during the month’s sundry debtors for write-off agenda item.

The council was presented with bad debts totalling more than $10,000, which were either unrecoverable or the cost to pursue further outweighed the debt owed, according to the agenda item.

When presented with the number, councillor Richard Whitwell objected to writing the debts off claiming there was more money owed by various debtors than presented.

“The issue is that when I did the additions of the particular people involved in the debts, I didn’t find it was a small amount, I found the smallest amount was $900 and the largest amount was $3000,” he said.

“I would say that really what you need to do here is just deal with them as a group, don’t deal with them as one-off charges.

“It’s not the charges that matters — it’s the entity that matters and if they’re continually bad behaving in not being able to pay, then they shouldn’t be written off just like that.”

Despite his concerns, Cr Whitwell was eventually outvoted seven to one to write off the debts.

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