Persistent Pirates hang tough to trounce Swans

Sarah ZiegelaarNorth West Telegraph
Kevin Charles and Kyle Edwards.
Camera IconKevin Charles and Kyle Edwards. Credit: Pictures: Alexander Scott, Alexander Scott

Record crowds witnessed Port Hedland Baseball’s third final, with emotional highs and lows as Pirates claimed their second win of the three-game series over Swans 7-4.

The game was hard fought on both sides with neither team willing to give in until the end.

Scores were at a standstill until Pirates brought in five runs in the bottom of the third to take the first lead of the game.

Kyle Edwards pitching for the Swans.
Camera IconKyle Edwards pitching for the Swans. Credit: Alexander Scott

Pirates cemented their victory bringing in two runners across the sixth and eight innings.

Swans fell short of the feat managing two runs in the sixth. Hope rose across the Swans’ spectators as a home run in the eighth inning brought in two more runs but was short lived as the match came to a close by the ninth with neither team adding additional scores.

Pirates’ Brett Della was the top RBI scorer for the match with two from a single hit.

Scott Munroe running to home
Camera IconScott Munroe running to home Credit: Scott, Alexander Scott

Teammates Kevin Charles and Corey Thurlow both had single hits from four plate appearances.

Swans’ top batting spot went to Kyle Edwards with two RBIs from a single and a two run home run in the eighth.

Matt Glasson followed in second with two hits from three and Nathan Nordmann with a single from two plate appearances. Pitching was a solo effort on both sides, as Pirates Christian Wise and Swans’ Kyles Edwards both proved even forces with 14 strikeouts each from the nine-inning match. This brings the 2018/19 season to a close, with the next season due to start in October. For information on the competition, visit the Port Hedland Facebook page.

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