Town pleas for landfill use

Robert DoughertyNorth West Telegraph

Illegal dumping around Hedland has again been called into question with the Town of Port Hedland appealing for community help.

The Town has asked the community to work with it towards a resolution to environmental damage to both local flora and fauna from illegal dumping.

Town Mayor Camilo Blanco said illegal dumping was a major problem in the region and he was sick of seeing people dump their waste with no regard for the environmental damage.

“Not only is this illegal and a complete eyesore, but the damage it is causing to our native plant and animal life is detrimental,” he said.

“It’s time for the community to work together, with the Town of Port Hedland, to put an end to this kind of behaviour.

“The landfill is open seven days per week, and on most public holidays — there is no excuse to be dumping waste elsewhere.”

The Town previously released a statement in March 2010 after a spate of illegal dumping of waste in Deep Water bushland involving plastic bags, household rubbish, old car batteries and newspapers.

Illegal dumping again reared its ugly head in March 2015 with a 1km stretch of scrubland off the Great Northern Highway alleged to have been used by companies to avoid council tip fees for green waste tonnes. Residents looking to remove waste can visit the South Hedland Landfill from 7.30am to 4pm on weekdays and 8am-4pm on other days, including public holidays.

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