Keep fit with these easy home workouts

Kate NuskaPilbara News

Are you struggling to come up with workouts to do while all the gyms are closed?

It can be hard to keep coming up with new workouts to keep yourself motivated so Pilbara News got in touch with Iron Worx to see what workouts people could try.

Iron Worx co-owner and trainer Kate Nuska broke down two at-home workouts that need minimal equipment to get a good burn going.

No Equipment

AMRAP x 10 minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible in 5 minutes); 1 round is all of the movements combined.

10 jumping jacks — jump out to form a star and jump feet back in

10 alternate lunges — ensure knees do not track over the toes — glutes should be activated and no pressure in the knee. Hinge at the hips back leg is bent or touching the ground drive out of the front leg.

10 air squats — if you cannot squat to parallel at least do a chair sit back in the heels.

10 sit-ups — either in a butterfly position with feet together or knees bent.


Full-body strength EMOM x 15 minutes (Every Minute On The Minute for 15 minutes)

Minute 1 — 10 dumbbell power cleans into front rack hold — dumbbells come from the ground keeping good form with no curve and rounding of spine, pull the dumbbells to the shoulder and your elbows should be facing out like you are shooting lasers from them (make the phew phew sound, it helps!)

Minute 2 — 10 dumbbell suitcase reverse lunges into suitcase hold — same as a normal lunge but you hold dumbbells at your sides and step back into the lunge.

Minute 3 — 10 push-ups then max push-up plank — chest to ground and lock out the arms at the top — make sure your plank is kept tight and either on elbows or arms locked out.

Then into

Full-body workout AMRAP x 15 minutes

20 alternate jumping lunges

20 dumbbell sumo deadlift — both dumbbells in between a wide sumo stance and stand upright — keep your posture don’t curve your back.

20 dumbbell push press — dumbbells are at your shoulder or resting there. Dip down slightly in the legs and as you stand straight push the dumbbells above your head.

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