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Iron Worx owners Ibrahim and Kate Nuska share their top 10 at home workouts
Camera IconIron Worx owners Ibrahim and Kate Nuska share their top 10 at home workouts

Running your business from home can be hard, especially when your main focus is technique and ensuring your clients won't just follow a group session but will have the skills to set them up for the longevity of working out into their later years.

Our goals are never just to have a person lift as heavy as possible, our goal is always to ensure the movement is correct and form is kept under fatigue.

So, to maintain this high level of personal coaching you would normally get in our gym we decided that virtual fitness classes were best.

It has enabled us as coaches to help our clients keep up the good work they were doing in our gym.

We either join in a class or coach and cue our clients during a workout to ensure they are moving safely and properly.

We have people from all walks of life joining in and they all have individual needs and different range of motion.

Just as if we were open in the physical sense, we make sure in the virtual we offer different programming or movement to ensure everyone can move well, train better and keep motivated. In other words constantly varied functional movement. We check in on our clients make sure they are both mentally and physically OK as both go hand in hand to create a healthy body especially in these uncertain times .

This is a great little burner to help start your day and kick start your body:


Five minutes, every minute on the minute

Five burpees and max single skips within the remainder of the minute

Then into :

Three minutes, as many in round as possible

10 mountain climbers.

Five push-ups.


12 minutes as many rounds as possible. One round is as below:

14 Dumbbell deadlifts —can use a backpack, barbell or broomstick

One-minute plank, hold — hold the top of a push-up with arms either locked out or on your elbows

Two-minute cardio (either skipping or shuttle runs)

Two-minute rest then repeat the above.

Kate Nuska is the trainer and co-owner of Iron Worx gym.

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